[Marinecos co.,ltd]MIMITOO Deep Ocean Moisture B.B

Mimitoo's blemish balm has rich minerals from the deep ocean water that is naturally absorbed into the skin to tone-up the skin and create a bright and glowy finish. This product contains ingredients such as; Licorice Extract, and Panthenol to accelerate rejuvenation and to soothe the skin. Finally, you will be left with beautiful and moisture skin. 1. BB Cream with rich minerals from deep sea water naturally permeates the skin, producing bright, radiant skin tone. 2. Contains ingredients such as bottled grass extract, licorice extract and Panthenol to help regenerate and remove skin, providing beautiful moisturizing skin. 3. Light and glossy skin texture with natural skin tone up. 4. Contains Panthenol, licorice extract to aid skin regeneration and diagnosis. 5. Rich in minerals, it strengthens the basic strength of the skin and supplies moisture to the skin. 6. Sunscreen(SPF50+,PA+++), whitening and wrinkle-improvement triple effect.

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