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MS Healing by Dr. YOUTH is a new concept natural joint care aroma oil roll-on made by medical doctors specialized in pain and anti-aging(MD, PhD) and international aromatherapists. More than 20 years of clinical experience and research have been added to high-quality natural ingredients imported directly from around the world. MS Healing by Dr.YOUTH contain patented joint pain relief ingredients, which care for tired joints amid daily activities such as exercise, computers use, wearing high heels, cooking, playing musical instruments and childcare. In addition, natural essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile and Korean cypress oil not only relieve stress and anxiety, but also show the healing effect of aromatherapy. The portable size makes it easy to carry MS Healing by Dr.YOUTH anywhere, and the stainless steel massage roller ball attached to the container helps use the product without oiling hands. MS Healing by Dr.YOUTH acquired a domestic patent in March 2019, and is currently working on patents in the U.S. and Europe. Clinical trials for finger arthritis are underway at Korea's top university hospital. MS Healing by Dr.YOUTH is more specialized than other aromatherapy products on the market, but at a lower price. MS Healing by Dr. Youth products include Gift Collection consisting of No.5 and No.7, and No.9. All products contain joint pain relief composition as well as top-quality natural essential oils. No.5 has a mild exotic floral scent of Neroli and Ylang-ylang that is good for calming joints and relieving anxiety. 15 ml. No.7 contains light citrus(sweet orange, grapefruit) and lavender, which have the effect of refreshing the mood and relieving the joint discomfort.15 ml. No.9, released as a special edition, gently blends Korean cypress oil (Hinoki) excellent to relieve sleep, nervousness and fatigue as well as tired joints. 15 ml.

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