[si-tone]Atcandy peach / Atcandy strong mint

The more rolling in your mouth, the more confident you are! - You can use this anytime, anywhere easily because this is candy - This candy has an aesthetic effect. It lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30minutes. But it can be differ from by individuals - (peach flavor) It refreshes the mouth with a delicate cooling flavor, and also contains a delicious peach flavor (strong mint) You can feel a strong cooling sensation right in your mouth and it will last for a long time. - It contains ingredients that are essential for people today such as vitamin c, fish collagen, taurin, multi-vitamin, calcium and xylitol - The calory of the candy is only 40kcal (peach flavor), 35kcal (strong mint) which is much lower compare to other candies - It is produced in a reliable factory ‘DAEYOUNG FOODS CO.’ which has ISO9001 and HACCP certificates (This factory specialized in manufacturing candy, gum, etc.) - It is packed in compact size Ziploc pouch so easy to carry

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