[RNS Co., Ltd.]PARTIER: Modular Club Moving Light Speaker

◦ Module replacement moving light Bluetooth(BT) speaker - Technology convergence product that increases the added value of the speaker(speaker + modular device + robot joint) / speaker for both lighting equipment - Various optional lighting made with USB port available - Features module-replaceable lighting to configure speakers that are needed not only for parties but also for anyone at any time ◦ Extensibility of modular lighting - Disco Mirror Ball: Provides dynamic movement by shaking to the music beat as if a robot arm dances like a human arm through AI robot joint algorithm - High-quality lamps: Useful for anyone because they can brighten up the living room or bedroom and go well with healing music - Firewood mood light: Useful for couples or camping as the lighting and sound of firewood appear, and it goes well with the sweet music - Star mood light: Slowly rotates in the sky and shows shining stars, and it is very useful for children as it goes with a lullaby

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