[FIRSTBRIDGE Inc.]Multi-purpose UV Sterilizer

It is a versatile UV sterilizer certified with 99.9% sterilization power. Equipped with a genuine Korean UVC LED that guarantees a light efficiency of up to 150% and a long lifespan of L50 = 50,000 hours or more.(L50 = time it takes to degrade to 50% of the original performance) Through our own experiment, it was confirmed that it is effective in suppressing viruses as well as bacteria. (Bacteria: E. coli / Virus: MS2 Phage virus, a surrogate of COVID19). Built-in battery allows wireless use of about 120 times when fully charged. Therefore, it can be used freely without any restrictions in place. The spacious interior space makes it easy to sterilize not only masks and smartphones, but also household items of various sizes. When the door is closed, it automatically starts to operate and turns off automatically after about 5-7 minutes of sterilization. There is no need for users to constantly stare or care. After sterilization, items can be safely stored in the product until reused. The magnetic door automatically shuts down when the door is opened, protecting users from UV leakage.

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