[BORO]USE FUN Rubber Gloves 101, USE FUN Rubber Gloves 201

Product description( USE FUN Rubber Gloves 101) USE FUN Rubber 101 Gloves solves the annoyance of existing rubber gloves. Dry remaining moisture inside and outside the rubber gloves. It suppresses odor and bacteria growth. Solve the storage method. product characteristics: ○ The cuff does not go down during use. ○ Dry rubber gloves inside and outside ○ Suppression of smell and bacteria in and out of high-armed gloves ○ Fast (1 second) sanitary storage ○ Solving the non-hygienic storage method that is annoying because the faucet is placed anywhere after use ○ Ensures 200% post-use cleaning effect desired by housewives. ○ Express a bright kitchen. ○ 100% natural latex Product description (USE FUN Rubber Gloves 201) ○ The quality can be used longer than Thailand, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Korea, the soft skin texture is very popular among women. ○ Pretty orange and yellow color design that women like, in harmony with all places ○ USE FUN rubber gloves do not have a very stimulating chemical smell generated inside, and can only identify pure rubber smell. Product characteristics ○ Long use ○ Pretty orange and yellow color design ○ 100% natural latex

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