[Taehwa Food Inc.]Bumil Gochujang, Ssamjang, Soybean Paste & Soy Sauce

[Bumil Gochujang] · Deliciously spicy red pepper paste which is rich in red pepper power and has a dark red color · Has a savory, spicy taste with less sweetness by containing 12.8% of sufficient amount of red pepper powder · Good for cooking Korean food in need of spiciness [Bumil Ssamjang] · Contains 66.5% of Bumil Soybean Paste with a variety of ingredients such as garlic, onion and ginger · Savory taste is beyond comparison by using a high content of Bumil Soybean Paste · Its rich flavor is well-harmonized with all sorts of meat, especially pork belly, and vegetable dishes [Bumil Soy Sauce] · The main product in 70-year history of Bumil · Contains 80% of the naturally fermented brewed soy sauce so that brings out deeper flavor · When served with sliced raw fish, sushi and salad, its original flavor tastes better

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