[Curelife Co.,Ltd]3JALBI

3JALBI has a convenient function to sweep fine dust, hair, and animal hair cleanly using static electricity generated by rubber and floor friction. Therefore, customers are positively responding to the product while calling it an all-round broomstick. In particular, this broomstick allows customers to clean up foreign substances in liquid and powder types. The broomstick is also effective when customers clean wet floors and windows in the bathroom, and they can easily insert it in narrow gaps, making it convenient to remove the dust under the bed or the drawers. Customers also can easily remove any remaining foreign substances such as dust just by rinsing it under running water. In addition, the product is very light with 230 grams in weight and has eliminated corrosion concerns with anti-rust double coating. It is longer than a general broom, so it is easy even for tall men to use it.